Melbourne's Best French Toast

So I have moved to Melbourne to explore my opportunities as an artist. Along the way I have discovered the art of 'brunching'. The meal after breakfast and before lunch, or in my case, I eat brunch instead of both. Don't tell my mum. Anyway, my favourite brunch is french toast. Eggy, sweet, and perfect for brunch.

Attention: The following list may be small, but I am committed to tasting all the best french toasts Melbourne has to offer. So enjoy!

1. Smith & Daughters, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.
Spanish French Toast: Spanish style dipped in spiced wine syrup, coated in batter, and served with poached nectarine or peach (or quince).

Well, this one was a shock to my system. I don't often eat interesting food, so this french toast really made a mark. It was very interesting and cooked to perfection. Either the spices, the sweetness, or the fruit, had me going back for more. It was filling and perfect for a Saturday morning out in Fitzroy.

I might as well mention that the service was the best I have ever had. I know that is a huge statement, but I dragged my boyfriend back there a few weeks later and received the same great service and food. Smith and Daughters isn't a place to miss when you are in town.

2. Common Man, South Wharf, Melbourne.
French Toast with caramelised banana, toffee, and strawberries on top.

OH EM GEE. This one was my favorite. $14 and I got a stack of french toast, and it looked amazing too. I love south wharf, I haven't stopped raving about it all month. Common Man was lovely for brunch, especially when everyone else is at work. City views and city sounds. Beware the seagulls.

3. Black Kettle, Sassafras, Mt Dandenong Tourist Road (Dandenong Ranges).
French Toast with cinnamon and homemade raspberry jam. 

This little french toast was really lovely. Up in the mountains surrounded by ancient forests and beautiful tourists. This french toast really stuck with me, because of the simplicity. Simple french toast with homemade jam that really packed a punch. Yes the jam was the hero of this dish. Really fresh, sweet, and sour (my mouth is watering as I think about it). This french toast is great if you just want to get away from the city and have a simple treat. The customer service was lovely as well. 

Black Kettle French Toast, March 2015.

4. The Hardware Societe, 120 Hardware Street, Melbourne CBD.
(Thick) French Toast with berry frozen yogurt, and berries. 

I am afraid I really skipped out on this one. The place was so busy, so it had me a bit frazzled and I didn't end up seeing what I had chosen on the menu. I just said "french toast?" and they gave me just that. It was quite an experience. I haven't been to many busy places yet, and this was obviously a gem to everyone there (not just me). Excellent service and coffee.
Anyway. French Toast. It was huge, and actually quite savory tasting. Despite the berries on top. I am a little undecided on this one still. However, it is still a 'must eat' if you are in the area.

The Hardware Societe, March 2015

5. Fitzrovia, Fitzroy St, St Kilda.
(Thick) Creme Brulee French Toast with banana, whipped mascarpone, toasted pecans, bacon, and vanilla verjus syrup.

When this hit the table, so did my jaw. I wasn't sure how I was meant to finish this one. But I did. It was my first bacon french toast experience, and it was good. The service and coffees were excellent. However, the french toast experience is a hard one to explain. I think the mascarpone didn't need to be there. I mean, I was already struggling to take in the salty bacon, citrus syrup, sweet banana, toasted almonds, crunchy toffee, AND french toast. I was fond of the dish, but it has left me a little undecided again. All in all, Fitzrovia is as good as people say it is. I will be dragging my boyfriend there sometime soon.

Well this is the end of my list so far, but I am always on the look out for great french toast. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Greetings from Melbourne

Greetings from Melbourne!
So I have finally moved in to the new room/house. 
Melbourne is big. That is my only thought at the moment. 

However I know that I love the countryside and the sea and the mountains. I hope to be spending loads of time out there when I start to get a grip on reality. New house, new city, its pretty crazy. 

I thought I would just give an update of where I am at. 

to be cont.  

Social Signs Exhibition

We had a great night at our mini exhibition, Social Signs, on Saturday Night. This is a little about our project taken from our website.

Do you know your neighbour?  

What about that man with the walking stick in the shopping isle?  

Or the lecturer in the pink top rushing from her car this morning?

Did you answer no to all of the above?  That’s no surprise.

As society becomes more reliant on social media to communicate and interact we are slowly losing the true human social behaviour.  “Hello, how are you?” has turned into likes and digital comments, while goodbyes are replaced with gtg.  I don’t know about you but that makes us sad.  

We are blue monkey installations and we are here to introduce social signs.  For us Social Signs is our own personal interpretation of digital communication crossed with physical interaction.  How and what you say?  Well..

Social Signs is a group project that aims to connect people with people. We often walk, shop and drive with people who have challenging journeys, impacting stories, and insightful knowledge. Our project’s mission is to introduce these people of Townsville to Townsville. A project inspired by Brandon’s Humans of New York, Social Signs will take portraits and stories from people all around the city.  These images will be transformed into artworks and presented in a one night event at Movimiento. 

It was developed by 4 James Cook University students as an assessment piece for Creative Exchange. 

The Social Signs Team

Some of our walls

They are posters of people we photographed. We then invited those people to the night to meet the other faces on the posters, and we all had a really good night meeting new people.

Mountain Lines

The book arrived today! 

I am excited about future projects, and about what I have learnt during this time. 

Many thanks to the brilliant poet, Martha Landman, and my teacher, Ron McBurnie.

Cover of Mountain Lines

Poems by Martha Landman and Illustrations by Katherine Anne (me) :D

NUMINOUS Exhibition Townsville

Numinous has been such a great achievement for all of us completing our 3rd year at the School of Creative Arts, JCU. It was a packed night and I can't thank all my friends and family enough for coming along to that night and to see the exhibition during the weeks following. 

On the opening night I was delighted to find out that I was one of 10 artist selected for a new exhibition in August the following year. It is in collaboration with Umbrella Studio Townsville. There are a lot of things still to be confirmed, but I think it will be a great show, one I will be traveling back for. 

Numinous 2014, speaker Andrew Rankin

Myself with my two friends

Myself with my friend Sarah

Myself with two of my uni friends

 The four pieces completed.

Positioned nicely for the night.
The space was filling quickly at Perc Tucker

The vinyl logo

Janet Marsh's Nature Diary

These are some pictures of a nature journal I found, in an old second hand book store, in Mackay. It is probably one of my most prized possessions. I find myself collecting similar books, as well as books devoted to the Rose. 
Janet Marsh is one of my favourite illustrators. I have not researched her as much as I would have liked, but the way she has set out this book is an inspiration to my latest collaboration and book, Mountain Lines. 
It is also an inspiration to my future books as well. While creating Mountain Lines, I wished I could have put all my dreams and skills into the one book, but I found my brain was quite full of how to actually publish it and what the heck was copyright. 
In future collaborations (especially since I am moving to Victoria) I would really like to start working on publications about birds, more landscapes (in Tasmania), more poetry, more short stories, and even children's books. 
I find publications an easy way to push myself to complete projects and drawings. I know I really need deadlines to keep me working on drawings, so if I make deadlines for myself outside of Uni... I think that could work. 

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